1xBet casino games include money slots, table games, video poker, roulette, blackjack and more.

Live gaming is also available.

Examples of 1xBet slot machines:

  • Starburst.
  • Immortal Romance.
  • Gladiator.
  • Beach Life.
  • Incredible Hulk.
  • Aliens.

Examples of card and table games:

  • 1xBet roulette.
  • Baccarat.
  • Craps.
  • Blackjack.
  • Video poker games

The 1xBet live gambling section is amazing. The live slot games are broadcasted in HD, and they are fast, and players can play them using 1xBet casino bonus. The live dealers are also experienced and friendly. New live casino players will never have a hard time learning how to play any game they are interested in. Players can view game statistics, and overview of their bets live in the in-play dashboard.

1xBet casino games are provided by developers like:

  • Playtech.
  • Net-entertainment.
  • Play’n Go.
  • Microgaming.

1xBet casino bonus and other offers

1xBet casino bonus is offered to anyone who joins 1xBet online casino for the first time. The welcome bonus is up to $1,650 plus five hundred free spins. Upon registering, a customer can select between $144 to use in sports betting or 2,150 $ and 150 free spins to use on gambling games.

To get the casino bonuses, the new players must deposit at least 1 $ at their online casino accounts.

The 1xBet casino bonus is also supposed to be rolled over 30 times. There are other requirements which must be met to get awarded the welcome bonus.

They include:

  • The players should never be below 18 years old.
  • 1xBet gambling services should be allowed in the country where you reside.
  • The bettors must have a gambling account. If you are playing the free demo version, then do not expect to get 1xBet casino bonus.
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1xBet poker game features

Poker 1xBet casino games are actually card games that require several playing strategies to win. There are so many poker variants, and each of them entails betting as an inborn feature of playing. The way the cards are combined is what determines who wins in a poker game.

Learning how poker is played is not difficult, and there is a 1xBet casino bonus for players to take advantage of. And besides being a card game, poker requires strategy and the gamblers always need to read the other people who are playing the game to know how to go about winning.

Each of the poker 1xBet casino games variants has its own playing rules, but there are some standard poker rules which apply to all of them. It is important to learn how each poker variant is played and come up with your ways of winning.

All 1xBet poker games have similar hands, and gamblers must understand what each side does in the game.

See below the various hands and what they do:

  1. Royal flush: This is the highest-ranked hand. It encompasses a ten, king, jack, queen and ace of one suit and one kind (all clubs, spades, hearts or diamonds). This hand can only get tied; a royal flush can never beat it from a different suit.
  2. Straight flush: This 1xBet poker hand comprises of five consecutive cards of one suit.
  3. Four of a kind: This implies that a player has four cards which have a similar rank but of different suits. And there is also the 5th card of any class, for instance, four aces and a nine. When a gambler has four aces, no other person can have any hand with an ace. With this, a royal flush will not be there.
  4. Full house: This 1xBet poker hand has three uniform cards of one rank and two uniform cards of a different rank.
  5. Flush: This has five cards of one suit. They move about in sequence, but they are from one suit.
  6. Straight: This hand has five cards of consecutive rank, but they are from different suits.
  7. Three of a kind: this implies that a player has three cards of a similar rank including two unmatched cards.
  8. Two pair: This 1xBet poker hand is made of two cards of the same rank including two cards of a different rank and one unmatched card.
  9. Pair: This hand implies that a player has two cards of a similar rank including three more unmatched cards.
  10. High card: This hand has the least rank. This is when two cards have a similar class, the five cards are not consecutive, and they are all from different suits.

An important tip in 1xBet poker: When two players face off with one kind of hand, the hand which has the highest-ranking cards is the winner. But if the sides have cards with similar ranking (the suit is not considered), the players tie.

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1xBet roulette game variants

There are over fifty 1xBet roulette games. But these games are hidden at 1xBet casino website; there is no direct link for accessing them. So, to obtain one a player will have to type and find the name of the game in the search tool. The available roulette table games are from distinguished casino software companies like iSoftBet, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and others.

Normally gamblers will encounter the usual 1xBet roulette with several American Roulette game versions. You will also find French roulette and European roulette games. Players who wish to engage in live gambling are also not left out at 1xBet casino games. It has such a section where players can enjoy roulette game with live lobbies from XPG, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming and others.

Since there are a huge number of 1xBet roulette games, gamblers have a wide range of bonus games and free spins to enjoy. The bonus roulette game created by iSoft, for instance, is the usual European roulette which has an option of gambling winnings.

Playtech has Marvel roulette game which has a wonderful design and offers players an opportunity to earn four progressive jackpots. There several other 1xBet roulette variants that pay huge.

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How to play 1xBet blackjack game

Blackjack is a game that requires players to think and decide on the hands which affect the outcome of the game. In short, blackjack is a skill-based game.

However, for the expert 1xBet casino games players, winning in blackjack game does not depend on the strategy used to play.

And when gamers play blackjack, the dealers do not make any decisions. What the players decide to do is the same all the time, and this is also why a good playing strategy can make a gambler win.

Once you understand what 1xBet blackjack game entails, you will also need to find out how you can increase your chances of winning. There are several playing tips that gamers can use to win, but none of those tips makes a player have some advantage over the dealer. But some players use illegal ways to have an advantage over the dealer, but if you try that at 1xBet, you might get suspended.

Blackjack game example:

The book: there are one and ten 1xBet blackjack books which contain a value. That value is written a figure like ten. There is also an Ace which can be one or eleven.

During the game, the very person who is taking part in it is offered two cards which are shown to everyone. 1xBet also receives two cards (one of the cards faces down). After dividing, each participant has a change of having 21 cards or anything close to 21 cards.

What the 1xBet blackjack participant decides: Once the cards have been divided, a person can select from four standard alternatives.

They are:

  1. Hit.
  2. Stand.
  3. Split.
  4. Double down.

Some 1xBet casino games have another option which is referred to as surrender.

See below the meaning of each blackjack option:

  • Hit: This refers to taking a book.
  • Stand: this implies that the person does not get any more in the game.
  • Double down: This is a double wager. The person playing takes one card, and this can only be done when the player is sure that the sum is above 19.
  • Split: This is the option which normally comes 1xBet casino games participants have two cards which have the same value. The player forms one hand on every card, and the two hands get played.
  • Surrender is the option has seen only a few table games. With it, the person playing the game can withdraw after getting two cards. They will only get one out of two of the wager total. That order is normally applied if 1xBet blackjack players have reached fourteen or fifteen cards.

House decision:

Soft seventeen: If the dealer is below seventeen, he has to draw a card. But if the amount is above seventeen, the dealer will not be allowed any other card.

Blackjack: When the gambler has a book splitting, he gets twenty-one from home (3:2) multiplied by the stake sum.

Insurance: If 1xBet casino games house has a face-up card, players can make insurance. The wager confirms if the total of the house is 21. If a player wins the stake, he or she will be given two times the insurance value.

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